Actions not words: Using feedback to change your business from the top

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard in a business but listening is only one side of the bargain. To build a truly representative company culture, leaders have to show they care and not just tell.

In this webinar we talk about the challenges and solutions to handling employee feedback with Saurav Chopra, CEO of Perkbox and Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People.

With their wealth of experience in scaling a business, making tough decisions and responding to feedback, the pair discuss:

  • Why listening to employees is critical to scaling a business
  • Gathering feedback: What do you ask and how do you ask it
  • Beyond the questions: How to act on feedback and make actionable changes
They also answered lots of questions about their experiences during a Q&A session.

Paul Devoy, CEO at Investors in People & Saurav Chopra, CEO at Perkbox

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Paul Devoy


Investors in People

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Saurav Chopra