A GP for millennials? How tech is tackling absenteeism in the workplace

The medical industry hasn’t undergone radical change since the NHS was created in 1948. And it shows. On the one hand GPs, A&E departments, even pharmacies are overstretched and struggling to cope. On the other, the Private Medical industry is exclusive, expensive and stagnant, suited only to giant corporates or older, wealthy individuals. That’s why it’s ripe for disruption.

Speaking to Clare Corlett and Dr Catherine Glass, we’ll discuss how technology is changing the way patients access medical support and how this can address both absenteeism and presenteeism.

Tune in to discover:

- How restrictive access to medical care is impacting our workplace

- Why there is a growing demand among millennials for flexible health-covers

- How tech is transforming patient access

Clare Corlett, Head of UK Partnerships, Doctor Care Anywhere & Dr Catherine Glass, GP, Doctor Care Anywhere

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Clare Corlett

Head of UK Partnerships

Doctor Care Anywhere

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Dr Catherine Glass


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