Tech for good: Bringing CSR into the 21st century

Corporate social responsibility has gone from relative obscurity to a cornerstone of any business’s employee value proposition. Millennials entering the job market now not only expect their company to engage in philanthropy but will actively avoid working for businesses that don’t.

The problem with traditional CSR initiatives, however, is they are megalith projects that many small or growing businesses do not have the time or budget to commit to.

But, what if there was a solution to this impasse that allowed any business to engage in philanthropic action and bring about real social change?

This is what the tech industry can bring to CSR. In this webinar we speak to Anna Hodson, Product Manager at Perkbox, and Jack Webb, Partnerships Manager at Beam, about:

- Why CSR is primed for disruption

- Why tech can revolutionise how nonprofits do business

- What a modern approach to CSR can look like in practice 

- How HR teams can introduce engaging and effective CSR initiatives 

Jack Webb, Partnerships Manager, Beam & Anna Hodson, Product Manager, Perkbox

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Jack Webb

Partnerships Manager


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Anna Hodson

Product Manager