Perkbox Webinars

How to Develop Amazing Leaders and Build Exceptional Workplaces

By tapping into the mindset of the homo sapiens that make up our businesses, this 45-minute masterclass webinar will explore how to:

- Create a people-first organisational structure where individuals can thrive.
- Change rigid management practices in favour of situational leadership.
- Identify opportunities to improve, and get the wheels in motion. 

Andy Swann, Author of The Human Workplace

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Andy Swann, Author of The Human Workplace

Andy works around the world on unique, innovative and impactful projects for some of the planet’s largest organizations and biggest brands. Known as an expert on the relationship between people, organizations and work, Andy’s book The Human Workplace has been described as essential reading for all leaders. Its core message of people-first organizational success has gained attention across the media.