Some of our perks

How companies benefit from Perkbox

Employee Benefits

Provide your team with hundreds of exclusive company perks, available for everyone, so you stand out from your competition.

Employee Fulfilment

Teams do their best work when they’re happy and engaged. Perkbox helps you boost motivation and create a more inspirational place to work.

Team Chemistry

We know the work place can be complex. Thats why we provide you with the tools to ensure teamwork is effortless for your employees.

Increase Performance

Employees who are engaged and have high well-being are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance in their own job at work.

Company Growth

We can help you build a happier, more productive company culture, full of employees who work hard, love their jobs and bring profit to your company.

Total Customisation

We understand each company has its own strengths and needs. Thats why our platform is totally customisable and tailored to your company’s brand.

“100% of my team take it up and it's amazing value for money. I constantly get extremely positive feedback from all my team who delight in telling me how they have used their benefits. If any companies are thinking about Perkbox. Stop thinking about it and sign up. Your team will love it and engagement will reflect this."

Dan Fish - Director of HR and Operations